Feb 2, 2011

The blogger I've chosen to be

Now that I've had time to think about me, the blog, you guys (the whole blogging thing)... I would like to talk about this idea I want to come true:

I would love to make this blog 100% made by "Giraffe" in matters of design, images and stories... I just want the process to be natural and I'm telling you because I believe it's like pushing myself to the next step. 

After all, I made this blog because I really wanted to share things I love about life and now that I've started, I figured out that there's so many stories that have to be tell, that really worth it and they are just across the street.

Looking closer I'm sure that we'll always find something as special and as unique as a cover of Vogue or the looks we found in a magazine. It's just we need to discover those things and I believe that with this blog I will push my self to look after it... Because we all deserve to know about the beautiful thing of the world, no matter how far we are.

I'd like to let you all know about what surrounds me because you never know... some day you will show me something I didn't expected and not even dreamed about!

Isn't it beautiful? Shearing experiences so we all are able to enjoy the same things, places or who knows what?... dishes? hahaha I'm enjoying this process so much!

Hope I'll find stories that make you smile... And also hope you will come to Chile and see the beautiful natural wonders that this country have for all of us. Also now that I'm starting my next journey, I'll look after more things to show and more experiences to share.

I love to be a blogger!!


Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

I love this post of yours. I wish more people would post things about their worlds, not just worlds they wish they were in, you know? Isn't that why blogging came about in the first place. I try to put as much as my very own things on my blog as well. Do what you feel is right, that's what I say! I'm looking forward to seeing your new discoveries and stories.

Xam Z. said...

You are the sweetest!!
Thanks again!

verychiclist said...

Xam, I share your thoughts about blogging, and I like connecting with other people all over the world to show what we love. Besides, I notice, as times goes by, I'd like more to speak about things outside fashion!

Rachel Parker said...

I've recently been thinking a lot about the same sort of thing you're writing about here, and it's really freeing to realize that you love what you're doing & want to do it more, better.

fluordancing said...

xam que bacán lo que escribiste!
amé la foto :)
un beso grande, te respondi el email que me enviaste, sorry por lo pajarona es que nunca reviso ese email
un beso grande!