Jan 13, 2011

Hand Made Dinner

I've been with my husband since 2008 and even if law says that his family wasn't mine since we got married, I would prefer to admit that it seems to me that I'm part of it since the very
beginning of our love journey... cause they definitely stole my heart with their
love for home made and local food, with the endless talks with the sunset and their
love for life and new meanings of love.

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Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

This looks so yimmy. Makes me wanna be all domestic. :-)

Btw, I tagged you in my new post! :-)


Xam Z. said...

Eva I'm so very sorry!!
I really liked your post and I accidentally deleted it!!
Where ever you are... haha because I tried to find you but I'm so new in blogger

Here I posted it for you <3
And yes! You should definitely try them...

"Those look fantastic! I've always wanted to make food like this from scratch. I'm thinking I should definitely try them out soon! Very nice photos!"


Eva said...

No worries, Xam! I'm not on blogger so that probably hindered your searching efforts. Thank you for adding it back! : )

Brandi said...

There's really nothing like finding a family you fit perfectly into. Especially when that family makes lots of delicious home-made food.

verychiclist said...

This seems very Italian :))

beautiful pictures


verychiclist said...

and what does the title "Me Giraffe" mean?:)
Are the animals, in English the giraffes?:))

forgive my ignorance:)