Dec 9, 2010

Shoes Story - Part 1


I just can't say anything but THANKS... I've been living almost my entire life in a place where the very known but some times boring saying "Less is More" has taken away the natural instincts and creativity that describes the essence of a woman.

Here's one very recent story:

I wanted to find the prefect colorful-and-good-design shoes for my wedding, but walking through the streets of Santiago de Chile and after staying in Italy for almost 3 months, I was definitely DISAPPOINTED. Who would imagine that in the middle of the spring, 90% of shoes in a city would be nothing else but black, white, brown and colors in between.

Just like all my friends, I made the decision to Post on my Facebook Profile asking for help.
It takes, some times weeks, even moths to find the perfect shoes for one fo the most special days of your life.
But this time the sun was by my side cause, hey people: Facebook it's a weapon!!
You can find what ever (or who ever) you want with just a simple click!

Even when you think that you are the only one in your country, desperately looking for nice shoes, you can find others that yous like you, wants to change an entire city's manners and cultures.
I feel that this is not the end, the over rated "Les is More" has build a strong empire in this side of the world... 

But there's always going to be someone trying just beside you. Always.

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